Why are you in business?

If you want to make things happen in business, you’re probably a driven person. But there are many kinds of fuel that can power your drive. And it’s worth to think about that for some time.

What’s driving you?

Many high achievers in business have a desire to “show them” that they can make it. Who’s “them”? Oftentimes it’s parents, classmates, teachers from early on in life who basically told them that they’re never going to amount to much.

For others, it’s simply that craving for having more, a never ending appetite to climb higher, and yes: pure greed.

There are those who simply want to be free from financial worries and not have to think about their budget when they go to eat at a restaurant. Not having to look at the price section of the menu, but focusing on the food they want to eat, no matter what it costs.

There are those that run on fear and anxiety – always worrying that it might all collapse and they’ll end up on the street with no home, no money and nothing to show.

As a business person – ask yourself – what’s your fuel? What’s getting you to take part in this crazy race?

Because let’s face it – there are a lot easier, more enjoyable, simpler ways of cruising through life than putting up with all of this.

Business can be a lot of fun. It can be addictive. But the reality for most business people is that they have to put up with a lot of stress, pressure, anxiety and a constantly shifting landscape in which they have to navigate. Add to that rules, regulations and taxes, which big government puts on your shoulders, and it’s easy to say that being in business can easily chop off a couple of biological years of your lifetime and probably will make your hair go grey 5 years earlier.

So, what’s driving you?

It needs a little bit of craziness  Even if you’re a “straight-shooter”, there must be a corner of your mind that’s working differently than that of “normal people”. Because normal people never really get involved deeply in business. They think about it. They fantasize about it. But they never do it, because that would mean they’d have to give up the comfort and security they’ve become accustomed to, and they aren’t willing to do that.

But if you have it in yourself, the worst thing you could possibly do is not not do it.